This Has Gone Too Far….

ImageFor the past few days the whole Pakistani nation has been watching closely that how the returning officers(ROs) have been carrying out the task of scrutiny of the candidates for the 2013 general elections.The scrutiny has been limited to asking the candidates about rituals and their wives,whereas the most important questions like Are you a bank defaulter? and Have you had any loans written off? were not asked.This scrutiny process faced a lot of criticism from many in the media and politics.Nomination papers of some big fish like Jamshed ,Dasti,Sheikh Waqas Akram,Raja Pervez Ashraf and Chaudary Nisar were rejected among others,but the election tribunals formed by the election commision found only  Pervez Musharraf and Raja Pervez Ashraf as ineligible for the elections.

Jamshed Dasti and yesterday Waqas Akram got the green signal from the tribunal,although their academic degrees have been declared fake,thus they are not fit to run for the elections,but it seems that the degree declared fake by the Higher Education Commission was not found to be fake by the corrupt judges of the tribunal.

Not surprisingly Raja Pervez Ashraff’s papers have been rejected since he is involved in a number of scams like rental power plant scandal,for which he is known as Raja rental throughout the country.

So far Election Commission of Pakistan has failed to implement any of its orders properly,and seems as though the election tribunal judges tried their best to save as many culprits as possible.I pray that PML-N does not give Waqas party ticket,If they do then the youth on which the PML-N is banking should reject PML-N,for the sake of Ideological politics.